How To Make the Most Of Your Existing Wardrobe
Trends. Styles. Shopping. | May 06, 2021
When working with the clothes you’ve got, use some genuine creativity to find new outfits. This is how to make the most of your existing wardrobe.

If you have a strict budget, you probably don’t have the extra cash to splurge on a fresh summer wardrobe. While you may hate passing by cute tops and pretty sundresses without spending a dime, you can still work with what you have. Here’s how to make the most of your existing wardrobe.

Start With an Accurate Inventory

Every wardrobe maximization must begin with an accurate inventory. Without a full accounting of your closet, you cannot hope to reinvent your outfits. Shopping in your closet takes creativity, so give yourself plenty of space to lay out pieces and style clothes together.

Switch It Up

We’ve all been there—we choose one way to wear our favorite top and pants, and our outfits repeat. Don’t live in this cycle of style repetition—break free of the temptation to wear your favorite outfit again. Switch up your style and look for fresh ways to wear your wardrobe. Mix and match your colors, prints, and looks to make simple outfits you can grab at a moment’s notice. You should also force yourself to find a way to wear that dress or top you avoid or forget about. Don’t let it haunt you anymore!

Recycle Outerwear Each Season

Just because the spring and summer aren’t as cold as winter and fall doesn’t mean you should put your coats and jackets away for the hotter months. There will always be cold snaps and cloudy days where a little extra protection will go a long way. You can definitely pack your heavy winter coats away, but keep a few jackets for summertime.

Remember Your Accessories

Accessories are your best friends if you want to make the most of your current wardrobe. Imagine wearing the same floral maxi dress with small stud earrings and large golden hoops—the earrings alter the dress’s focus and bring your full body into view. A well-placed accessory can liven up a repeat outfit and give you the confidence to wear it in a fresh way.

If you want a new style without breaking the bank, you should learn how to make the most of your existing wardrobe. With these tips and tricks, you can wear your old favorites with new vigor.


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