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This is the place to be for local discounts, event announcements, local positive stories, and a place to find businesses that work hard to take care of your while helping the community. This is also your place to share. Do your have ideas on making the city better? Are you really good at something like cooking, taking picture, or building things? Have you had to fight with Cancer, Divorce, or Financial issues and you want to help other deal with these things? JustMy is your place to share, inspire, and engage with your community!

Plus look for great giveaways and prize every month! Enjoy the you Digital New Stand...

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We are a community powered Digital News Stand dedicated to promoting the #BeAmazing side of local stories, people, organizations, and businesses. This is the place you get to share your voice and make our city better!

We Are Looking For Interns!

You will be responsible for working 8 hours a week, consisting of Interviewing people on and off camera inside restaurants, non-profits, businesses, and places in the community; you will be taking interviews and creating articles.

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Promote Non Profits With #TeamGIVING

The privilege of membership comes with a promise to provide you with a great local media content partner and support. We provide you with a platform to help get your messages out to the community.

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