What To Do if You’re Invited to a Housewarming Party
Trends. Styles. Shopping. | September 01, 2021
Housewarming parties can be quite a change of pace if you’re not used to them. This guide should help set you on the right path for the next one ...

You’re at that point in your life when many of your friends are starting to buy their own homes and throw housewarming parties to show off their new digs. These can be a lot of fun, but if you’ve never been to one before, you likely don’t know the etiquette of these types of events. No need to fear, though; we’ve got you covered with our guide on what to do if you’re invited to a housewarming party.

Don’t Overthink It

Even though we’re about to throw a few “rules” at you, don’t stress yourself out trying to follow them to a T. It’s better to look at these as guidelines. If you fail to do one correctly, your hosts won’t eject you from the party. The goal is to have a good time with your friends. They’ll understand if you don’t follow the etiquette quite right.

Show Up a Little Late

No, we’re not suggesting this because it’s “cool.” We’re telling you to do this because the hosts almost certainly won’t be ready on time. If you show up early, then you’ll make them feel bad that things aren’t ready quite yet. Even showing up right on time might be too soon because they are trying to beat the buzzer, so arriving a few minutes late will allow them that valuable grace period.

Bring a Gift

While it’s customary to bring a gift, it’s certainly not a requirement. The hardest part about buying your friend a present is that you don’t know what they already have since you haven’t been to their house yet. As long as you pick out something more general and present it in a caring fashion, your gift is sure to be a hit.

Always Agree to the Tour

While we’re not sure why you’d want to turn down a tour of the house, some people still do. The whole point of the party is to see the new place, and the new homeowner probably put some time and effort into painting and decorating, so if they offer you a tour, the least you can do is take some time to be a captive and flattering audience.

While you’re on the tour, try not to insult any of their hard work either. If you think they’ve made some questionable design choices, now is not the time to share that opinion. Maybe mention it the next time you come to visit. No host wants guests to question their design choices in front of everyone the day they decide to show off their new home.

Take It Easy on the Drinks

Once all the formalities are out of the way, the final step in our guide on what to do if you’re invited to a housewarming party is to enjoy yourself and have a good time—but maybe not too much. The last thing you want to do is have one too many and break something that the host spent a lot of time or money setting up. Obviously, it’s okay to take advantage of any refreshments, but this isn’t a college party, so be sure to keep yourself in check.


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