Realities of Real Estate: How To Build Your Dream Home
Home Ideas by JustMy | September 18, 2021
After many hours collecting your favorite designs and planning out every room, reality can be a significant speed bump . . .

You’ve imagined every little detail and worked hard to make it a possibility. However, translating your concepts into reality isn’t always easy. Here are three things to focus on to build your dream home with the realities of real estate in mind.

A Location You Love

When you imagine your dream home, you rarely do so without picking the landscape and community that will surround it. In fact, many of us are willing to sacrifice exterior facades and square footage in exchange for a location that speaks to us.

When building your dream home, the first step will be determining where you want your house to be. What country, state, and even neighborhood you want to build in all play a factor. You’ll also need to make sure that the lot of land you’re choosing is right for your structure, as not every lot can sustain a basement, and many lots have zoning restrictions to bear in mind.

Features With Function and Form

If most of your daydreaming has centered around specific design features, you may need to make some compromises when bringing your concepts into reality. The more you have to change wood types, paint colors, and door designs, the more expensive your dream home will become.

Choosing the right style of windows can be in part choosing how they look, but designs should also focus on allowing in the right amount of light for the room’s purpose. Flooring and carpet both need to last more than they need to fit a color scheme. Picking your home’s design features with a balanced emphasis on function and form will ultimately make the building process easier for everyone.

Designs That Stand the Test of Time

A dream home is an investment that becomes worthwhile over the years spent enjoying your custom space. Unless you have a personal passion for frequent home improvement and updating, picking timeless designs over modern trends will be a gift to your future self. Calming bedrooms, stark kitchens, and warm living spaces all stand the test of time and allow you and your family to continue using a space without ever getting tired of it.

The realities of real estate don’t have to stop you from getting to build your dream house. Working with your architectural and construction team will be essential to creating a home that not only factors in the design aspects you love but also fits your budget, lifestyle, and long-term goals.



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