Jewelry 101: How To Care for Gemstone Jewelry
Trends. Styles. Shopping. | April 15, 2021
Any gemstones set in jewelry have very particular care instructions. If you don’t know how to care for gemstone jewelry, you can damage it very quickly.

Gemstones may feel like hard and indestructible stones, but they can suffer damage just like anything else. As such, it’s crucial to know how to care for gemstone jewelry. If you don’t, you might find scratches on your engagement ring before your wedding.


One of the most dangerous elements to a good gemstone is light—specifically sunlight. Sunlight slowly alters the minerals inside the gemstone, leaching their color as time goes on. Avoid exposing your gemstones to extensive amounts and periods of sunlight to keep them vibrant.


Heat is very similar to sunlight in the way that it affects jewelry. The longer a piece of jewelry is in heat, the more it can warp and lose color. Extreme heat can even warp the materials holding the piece together, so make sure you avoid heat and temperature changes.

Chemical Cleaners

Jewelry gets dirty over time; it makes sense that you would want to clean it. However, many chemicals interact badly with both the materials holding a gemstone and the gemstone itself. Often, the colors will change. Make sure you use the proper cleaners for your jewelry.


How you store your jewelry is essential to its care. Even though gemstones are hard, they can suffer damage quite easily. Get the proper storage for your jewelry instead of just tossing it in a pile. Keep your storage away from light and heat, as well, to offer even more protection.


The whole point of jewelry is to wear it, but that is also the most vulnerable time for them. Be sure not to wear them during extreme activities, and don’t let them hit other objects. Any scraping or hard hits can damage your jewelry, so the best thing you can do is avoid these cases.

Now that you know how to care for gemstone jewelry, you should avoid any major issues. If you’re careful, your jewelry can last a long time.


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