The Best RV Road Trip Destinations in the US
Living Healthy | September 18, 2021
Looking for a unique way to see the country up close and personal? Travel by recreational vehicle!

Here are the best RV road trip destinations in the US.

If you really want to see the country, see it by road. And if you really want to get the most of a road trip, rent or buy a recreational vehicle (RV) and sleep, eat, and drive your way from here to the horizon! If you’re strapped for ideas about what sites to visit and sights to see by RV, let us offer a few suggestions for the best RV road trip destinations in the US. RVs are the best way to see the country, providing all the comforts of home and enough battery power to keep you riding in luxury while seeing what the country has to offer. Get ready to live large as you head for the highway!

South Dakota

Truthfully, much of driving through South Dakota involves long dry stretches of road, but once you reach your destination, it all seems worthwhile. Prepare your RV for arid desert driving as you trek through the Badlands on your way to Mount Rushmore, the in-process Crazy Horse Memorial, and numerous state and national parks of unsurpassed beauty. Visit quirky South Dakotan towns like Sioux Falls, Hot Springs, Rapid City, Custer, and Sturges. Then, make a stop in the most delightful tourist trap you’ll ever see: the sprawling western-themed Wall Drug, which has served cold water to thirsty travelers for decades.

New England

Few places are prettier than New England in the autumn. Load up and travel through the original colonial states, from Maine on down to Connecticut, making stops in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island along the way. You’ll be able to catch up on a lot of American history, including Boston’s Freedom and Black Heritage Trails and Revolutionary War battle sites in Lexington, Bunker Hill, Concord, and elsewhere. Literary fans will find the homes of numerous authors and poets, including the residences of Mark Twain, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and too many others to list.

Route 66

Want to get your kicks? Hit route 66! Much of the original highway is gone, but this much-traveled highway of the past still exists in spirit and in the numerous restaurants, stores, historical spots, and other tourist destinations along the way. Route 66 once ran for 2,400 miles between Chicago, IL, and Santa Monica, CA. There’s plenty to see and do along the way, and you’ll have plenty of places to park your RV. More than likely, you’ll run into fellow Route 66 travelers!

Highway 61

When considering the best RV road trip destinations in the US, consider a music-themed trip. The old US Route 61 once wound all the way from New Orleans, LA, to Wyoming, MN. Sometimes called the Blues Highway, the route had a long association with American blues music, winding out of the musically rich city of New Orleans, through the Mississippi Delta, through Memphis, and nearly to the doorstep of Bob Dylan’s childhood home. You’ll find plenty of places to enjoy good American music, tasty food, and drinks—you’ll dance and sing everywhere you go.



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