What Is A Paint N Sip Event?
The Arts | March 29, 2021
If you want to spend time with the girls or a romantic night out with your spouse, a Paint N Sip event is where you need to be.

What is a Paint N Sip event, though? A Paint N Sip event is an event where you come with your friends, order a couple of drinks, and have a fun time painting a picture. It's the perfect way to make some creative memories with the people who mean the most to you.

Specialized Events

What makes Paint N Sip events even better is that they have specific events geared toward customers so that everyone can get the perfect night that they want. The events range from all different styles, but each one is creative. Some of the events that are coming up are these.

None of the events striking your fancy? Contact the company, and they will see what they can do to accommodate you to make you happy!

What You Need

So what do you need for one of these events? Nothing at all. All of the painting supplies are provided for you, and you don't have to help clean up either. You can bring snacks, but there are no other drinks permitted because they have a bar that you can buy drinks from. If you plan to drink, you will, of course, need an ID to show your age.

It’s also recommended that you show up at least thirty minutes early so you can park and unwind. When class starts, you will be friendly and relaxed, and ready to paint. There are no seating changes, and you will not be issued a credit if you decide not to show up. You will need to cancel in advance if you are not able to attend.

A Place To Have Fun

A Paint N Sip event is a great place to unwind and relax with friends and make incredible memories. For many people, it becomes a monthly habit and something special that they can look forward to. For others, it unlocked a passion for painting they didn't know they had. Come to an event today and see what it will unlock for you.


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