2911 Media

Providing publicity, marketing, media strategy & branding services to actors, artists, athletes, authors and more!


It takes a myriad of professionals to turn this wheel we call the music business: radio air personalities, tour managers, record label insiders, specialists in television programming, directors of live events and publicists who provide artists with the exposure needed to keep the wheel in motion. Knowledge is power, and executive/entrepreneur Jeremy Westby is the power behind 2911 Enterprises. Westby is the rare individual whose twenty-five years of experience in the music industry champions each of those arenas—on a multi genre level in all realms. After all, how many people can say they’ve worked side by side with Megadeth, Meat Loaf, Michael W. Smith and Dolly Parton? Westby can.

“I want 2911 to be a change agent in the world: in entertainment, sports, politics, and in many different areas, because I think the world needs to hear good messages,” says Westby. “The world needs healing and inspiration, and if there is a way I can go about my day and provide inspiration, healing, hope, and change, I want to do that.”

“There are three divisions within 2911,” Westby explains. “2911 Media handles publicity and marketing services. 2911 Productions handles audio/video production, which includes liners, lyric videos, concept videos and events such as a red carpet and concert or showcase logistics—basically anything that needs to be produced from scratch, whether it’s an event or media asset, would fall under that,” he shared.

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