Car Modifications That Aren’t Worth the Money
Trends. Styles. Shopping. | January 26, 2021
Modifying your car can be a lot of fun, but you need to be careful you’re not wasting money. These car modifications aren’t going to be worth the effort.

Modifying your car is a tricky business; you never can be entirely sure that an upgrade won’t be more hassle than it’s worth. Some modifications seem to pay for themselves, especially if they increase horsepower or improve your quality of life in the vehicle. Yet, some mods just aren’t worth it, no matter what. We’ve made this list of car modifications that aren’t worth the money to help you decide which mods are right for your vehicle.

HID or Xenon Lights

Having brighter lights is always a good thing, right? But that isn’t always true, especially in the case of HID or xenon lights. Adding these lights to your car can actually have adverse effects on other drivers because they are so unbelievably bright. Not only are they expensive, but they also make the road a more dangerous place to drive.

More Powerful Alternator

Your alternator affects the power output you get from your engine, but installing a super overpowered one can actually put unnecessary strain on the engine instead. Getting and fitting a brand-new alternator can be expensive, no matter if it’s an OEM or aftermarket part, and they’re only really worth it if you’ve already modded your car out quite a bit.

Full Body Kits

A full body conversion kit is a car modification that is not worth the money it costs at all. Body kits can transform your vehicle to look a different way—and if that’s all you want, then more power to you—but they don’t do much else for standard vehicles. Your everyday, street-driving car doesn’t need to be super aerodynamic or sleek in order to run properly.

Lift Kits

Unless you really need to take your sedan off-roading for some reason, a lift kit isn’t going to help your car in any way. Not only are they exceedingly expensive to install, but some of them will make your car illegal to drive on the street. A mod isn’t worth it if it means you can’t actually drive the car anymore.

Front Window Tints

If you want a mod that won’t improve your car at all and may make it more challenging to drive at night, look no further than front window tinting. Tinted windows are a style choice more than anything, but if you get them too dark, they can still impair vision for night driving. Unless you love the all-black look, you can go ahead and skip this one.


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