Isaiah 117 House Program: A Beacon of Hope Comes to Shelby County
Local & National News | May 22, 2023
The Isaiah 117 House Program kickoff, a pioneering initiative to offer respite to children undergoing the transition into foster care, took place amid much fanfare.

This month marked an auspicious beginning for the children in Shelby County. The Isaiah 117 House Program kickoff, a pioneering initiative to offer respite to children undergoing the transition into foster care, took place amid much fanfare. The launch, which set the foundation for two new homes in Memphis, was a collaborative effort made possible by an inspiring community of supporters.

From local schools and bakeries to design studios and individuals, a wide array of community partners joined forces to ensure the success of this monumental occasion. Special thanks to Harding Academy of Memphis for providing their auditorium as the event venue, Crave Sweets and Its a wRAPP Memphis for their delightful cupcakes and cookies, Holly Joy Designs for the stunning balloon arch, and Daniel Mcgarry for his invaluable assistance with the event's audiovisual needs.

Contrary to what one might expect, the Isaiah 117 House is not a permanent residence. The program functions as a sanctuary of comfort for children during the interval between their removal from unsafe conditions and their placement in foster homes. As soon as the Department of Children Services notifies the Program Coordinator about incoming children, a team of volunteers swings into action, preparing to welcome these young guests with warm smiles, comforting snacks, and engaging activities.
Foster care can often be a turbulent experience for children, filled with a multitude of unfamiliar environments and faces. The Isaiah 117 House aspires to mitigate this trauma by offering brand new items instead of used ones, reinforcing to children that they are valued, loved, and worthy.

The program's mission is a three-pronged approach: reduce trauma for children awaiting placement, lighten the load for child welfare services, and ease the transition for foster families. It stands as a testament to the power of community collaboration and compassion in creating a safe space for children in times of distress.

The inspiration behind the Isaiah 117 House was born from the personal experiences of its founder, Ronda Paulson, and her husband, Corey. After becoming foster parents and witnessing the cold, impersonal environment that children had to endure while awaiting placement, the couple was driven to create an alternative. Inspired by Isaiah 1:17, "defend the cause of the fatherless," they envisioned a house offering comfort, warmth, and love. A place that not only changes the beginning of a child's journey in foster care but also leaves a lasting impact on their lives.

At the core of the Isaiah 117 House's mission lies a profound respect for the dignity of each child. Each child is welcomed, cherished, and supported, even on their worst days. The ultimate goal is to remind them that they are never forgotten and always loved.

The Isaiah 117 House program promises to be a game-changer in Shelby County, changing lives and transforming communities. It extends a heartfelt invitation to anyone willing to lend a hand or contribute to this noble cause. The JustMyMemphis #FunCrew was there to capture this exciting kickoff event, and they're eagerly anticipating sharing more inspiring stories about the Isaiah 117 House Program in Shelby County.

To learn more about the Isaiah 117 House and how you can offer support, please visit their website:


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