Considerations for Choosing a Residential Storm Shelter
August 04, 2021
You don’t want to trust just any bunker during a severe storm.

Keep these considerations for choosing a residential storm shelter in mind to ensure your safety.

You never know when a severe storm can start making its way through your area. So, having the necessary shelter available to you is the difference between a close call and a tragedy. Still, if you’re going to install a tornado shelter on your property, you first want to ensure that it’s the right one for your needs. These are some considerations for choosing a residential storm shelter to help you make the most of this purchase.

Interior and Exterior Dimensions

Homes tend to have a limited amount of extra space as it is. So, finding the space for a storm shelter is a headache, depending on the room you have. Therefore, you must narrow down the exact size you want before committing to a particular model. The sooner you know what dimensions you can accommodate, the quicker you’ll narrow down your selection of products. Take note of a model’s interior measurements since these will determine how many people you can fit in your shelter.

Shelter Design

The specific design of your product is also an important consideration for choosing a residential storm shelter. These bunkers come in several different shapes and layouts to accommodate individuals with various ranges of mobility. Because of this, you’ll need to search carefully to find one that works for your specific accessibility needs.


Another thing to keep in mind is where you’re planning to place your new storm shelter. Some rules deal with installing these products—making it crucial that you know exactly where you want to put it ahead of time. Above-ground storm shelters, in particular, have a lot of placement guidelines to avoid restricting accessibility and reducing the model’s effectiveness.

Construction Material

Severe storm shelters are available in different materials as well. This corresponds to the hazard levels an event can present and the amount of protection you’ll need during them. For harsh thunderstorms, concrete shelters are enough to keep you safe. However, EF5 tornados may require steel structures

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