How To Protect Your Property From Commercial Fires
Home Ideas by JustMy | June 27, 2021
This is an original guide on how to protect your buildings from commercial fires.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with being diligent when it comes to safety.

Fires affect more small businesses than one may think. According to a study done by The Hartford, four out of 10 small businesses will claim something on their fire insurance within the next 10 years. Since fires are so devastating and costly to businesses, they must do everything they can to prevent one from happening. Supervisors should read this guide on how to protect your property from commercial fires so that you aren’t the one making the insurance claim this year.

Get and Inspect Your Equipment 

First, you need to ensure you have the right equipment to protect your building against a fire. Make sure all your fire extinguishers are working and are up to code. You may want to purchase a few fire blankets in case of an emergency, as well. Once you have the right equipment, you’ll need to regularly inspect it to ensure that it’s working. Run your sprinkler system occasionally, as well as your backflow prevention device, which prevents water and other chemicals from flowing in the wrong direction.

Reduce Clutter and Maintain Landscaping 

Clutter is like a moth to a flame when it comes to fire. All it takes is some clutter lying around and an appliance to be left on for disaster to strike. For this reason, you need to ensure you hire a third-party cleaning service that knows what they’re doing. In addition, maintain your landscaping so that no bush fires occur outside.

Train Employees 

Another tip on how to protect your building from commercial fires is to train your employees. Make sure everyone knows where things are located so they can get to them in case of an emergency. It’s also essential to train your employees on a safe evacuation plan. Everyone needs to know the routine so that they know what to do should disaster strike.

This guide has shown you how to protect a building from a commercial fire. Fires are incredibly dangerous and expensive for businesses to recover from. Therefore, companies must have a plan in place so that things don’t go ablaze.



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