Tips for Protecting Your Employees' Personal Information
Business 101 | June 10, 2021
Data breaches have become all too common, and they put everyone involved at risk. Protect your employees’ information by improving your company’s security.

Hearing about a data breach on the news isn’t uncommon. Countless individuals have had their identity stolen. Sensitive employee information is stored on your computers, and you’re entrusted to protect it. While tips for protecting your employees’ personal information may not guarantee theft won’t happen, it will lessen the risk.

Properly Store Personal Information

When you collect personal information on your employees, keep it in a secure location. Usually, this information is stored on a digital device for easy access. If you do this, know which computer or drive it’s on so you can delete it when the time comes.  

A common consequence of improper data destruction is identity theft. Remember, removing information from a computer isn’t as simple as pressing “delete.” You need to wipe it from the hard drive.

Keep It In a Secure Location

If you have physical copies of these documents, shred them; this prevents them from falling into the wrong hands. When you’re storing these documents, keep them in a locked cabinet or room. The goal is to limit access to sensitive paperwork.

Install a Digital Security System

One tip for protecting your employee’s personal information is to install a firewall. This protects your computer and keeps your network safe from hackers. In turn, this protects any sensitive information you may have stored on a digital device. Experts recommend installing an additional security system on computers storing sensitive data.

Train Your Employees

 You can also protect employees by training them on how to identify the signs of a breach and phishing. Remind your team that company confidentiality protects everyone. Set clear standards for what you expect. For instance, employees shouldn’t use work computers for personal needs.

When you welcome new employees abroad, include cybersecurity in their training program. It’s a good idea to give existing employees a refresher on this in case they forgot. When the team works together and knows the signs of a breach, you lessen the risk of digital leaks.

Have a Plan In Place

Devise a plan so you know what to do if there is a data breach. The first step should be to contact all employees and customers. Everyone involved should know about the breach, so they can freeze their credit and take the necessary steps to protect their identity.



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