Tips for Cleaning Your Home After a House Party
May 11, 2021
There are several ways to clean your house after having people over for a party. Here are some of our favorite methods for returning your home to normal.

Hosting a party in your home creates the perfect opportunity to surround yourself with the people and things you love. But for as much fun as these events can be, the inevitable cleanup is nowhere near as enjoyable. Fortunately, there are some things you can try to make the process less strenuous. Here are our top tips for cleaning your home after a house party.

Make Trash Collection Easy

One of the best methods for managing the cleaning situation from a party is to clean as people create the mess. This doesn’t have to mean carrying around cleaning solution with coasters in your pocket in case a guest forgets. Setting out trash bags for waste and collection containers for cans and bottles can encourage your friends to handle their own mess instead of leaving it for others.

Get Help

When you host a party, especially one with alcohol, it’s reasonable to assume there may be overnight guests staying in your home. And come cleanup time the following day, there is nothing wrong with asking for some help to get your house back to normal. Even for parties held during the day, you can still ask your friends to help straighten up before they have the chance to sneak out the door.

Spot-Clean Stains

When parties happen, accidents and spills are soon to follow. When a spill does occur, you should immediately do what you can to treat the area before the spill has the chance to set in. This is especially important for anything with the potential to leave a stain. Be sure to avoid any unnecessary carpet or furniture cleaning mistakes to make recovery easier.

Work Towards the Kitchen

Our final tip for cleaning your home after a house party is to pick a room and start cleaning towards that room one by one. At any house party, the kitchen is likely to be a destination spot for your guests to hang out. Start your cleaning in the room that’s furthest away from the kitchen to avoid dragging trash through rooms that are already clean. This helps contain the mess and provides a goal to work towards.


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