Common Sustainability Mistakes Your Business is Making
Business 101 | April 13, 2021
There are several mistakes that could ruin a businesses goal to be more eco-friendly. Learn about these sustainability mistakes you could be making here.

Because of the current concerns over our environment and sustainability, many companies are making efforts to become more eco-friendly. While some are succeeding, there are those not being mindful of certain mistakes that will ultimately make their environmental efforts all for nothing. Learn about the common sustainability mistakes your business is making by reading below.

Not Making a Full Environmental Commitment

To make your business completely sustainable, you must be 100 percent committed to being more eco-friendly. This means reducing the amount of waste generated, reevaluating materials used, and overall reducing your carbon footprint. All too often, businesses have the goal of becoming ore sustainable, but they’re not willing to go the whole way. Keeping your grounds clean of litter and periodically recycling materials is not enough. A company should investigate how they can improve the environment in the long term, and how they can encourage their employees to do the same.

Choosing a Building With the Wrong Design

Many old buildings weren’t designed for the function of sustainability. Businesses that want to be more eco-friendly—yet work from a building that’s old, drafty, dark, lacks insulation, and doesn’t have large, clear windows—are going to be using far more heating and electricity. This ultimately defeats the purpose of trying to be an eco-friendly company from the beginning. To be an effective eco-friendly business, use a building that has sustainable abilities to help with your goals of sustainability. Modern buildings with the right windows, quality insulation, and ventilation are far better designed for these needs.

Failing To Make Recycling a Constant

If you’re not consistently recycling, then this is one of the most common sustainability mistakes your business is making. Recycling everything you possibly can is a vital part of the commitment to being sustainable. Businesses often throw everything in one trash shoot and disregard recycling services because doing so seems quicker and easier. Setting up several recycling bins close to where people work will makes this practical and it will act as a reminder. Make recycling a daily part of the job from the beginning to ingrain it as a part of your business culture.

Not Using Energy and Resource-Saving Technology

The modern age offers so many benefits from the amount of technology that exists. Much of this technology has energy and resource-saving benefits . You might still be using average lightbulbs rather than energy-efficient light bulbs in all lamps and overhead lighting. Learning how ink plays a role in sustainability is something to consider as well. If you need to frequently print documents, continuing to use standard printing inks isn’t the wisest decision. There are now eco-friendly alternatives. You might also still be using large amounts of paper for all your documents. Consider smart technology, which will allow your company to go paperless as your business is transferred into digital devices, therefor helping the environment.


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