Why Should You Take a Digital Marketing Class
Business 101 | March 22, 2021
The only constant that prevails is ‘change’. With the acceleration of e-commerce transactions, the marketing landscape has gone vastly digital.


The trend of hiring digital marketing experts has seen an exponential rise, with 44% of companies looking to hire more digital marketers in the past two years. 

Today, B2B companies have realized the importance of conducting their business digitally. They are engaging the industry-best digital marketing experts for their business development.

To stay ahead in the competition, marketers need to constantly hone their skills and stay abreast of the latest marketing courses. If you want bigger paychecks, you need to step up and learn. 

The Benefits of Digital Marketing Certifications

 About 59 percent of marketers with hiring influence acknowledge the high demand for digital marketing talent. Certification demonstrates that you have a passion for learning and you master the arena of digital marketing. Some benefits of digital marketing courses are:

  • Competitive edge- Having professional training in your area of expertise will give you an edge over your peers. Besides, having a certification instantly convinces companies and recruiters that you have the relevant experience and certification for the job.
  • Better paychecks- Better jobs mean better paychecks, right? Having a marketing degree will get you better-paying jobs and faster promotions. For example, an AdWords Google certification will raise your pay 100% of the time.
  • Strengthen your skills-For marketers, new digital marketing courses will help them revise their knowledge and learn the latest marketing tactics. Combined with real work experience, these courses will offer loads to bolster you as a seasoned digital marketer. 
  • Better execution of work- A specialized course will provide you a solid foundation and knowledge about the latest marketing tools and strategies. From analytics, E-commerce specialists, SEO Experts, marketing strategists, and so on, the role of a digital marketer is more specialized. And then there is artificial marketing and augmented reality. As we are still trying to understand the basics of these technologies, they are fast becoming a big part of our lives. A good digital marketing course will help you get better insights into these technologies so that you can implement them when necessary.

Final Thoughts

The demand for digital marketers is on the rise. It is estimated that by 2020, the market will offer 150,000 open jobs in the digital marketing space, with a dearth of relevant professionals. It’s time for companies to embrace this digital revolution and for marketers, to revise their skills.



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