Freeman Capital

Discover the new way to save more, pay off debt faster, and invest wisely.


Every member on our team has faced real problems. You might be dealing with some of the things we’ve dealt with too:  

  • Making mistakes when young or uninformed 
  • Raising a poor credit score  
  • Taking on too much debt (Student loans, anyone?) 
  • Living paycheck to paycheck
  • Not knowing where to start

Whatever it was, we’ve had to fight for ourselves. It’s our passion to help others build a wealthy life, but in a faster, easier, and less stressful way. 

A “wealthy life” or “financial freedom” may not mean millions in the bank. It’s the feeling of being secure with where your finances are going. It’s the freedom that comes from knowing exactly how and when you can reach your goals.

You matter to us, so we’ll never promise unrealistic gains or results. You can count on us to do our best to make sure we give you the best chance at reaching your financial goals.